Painting words on the sound of bass

MARCO FRATTA is a Turin-born writer and bass player living in Dublin.

He is the author of  different works, including the novel La scatola nera (La Riflessione, 2007) , also published in French (La Boîte Noire, Abelbooks 2012), of a poetry collection (Il ronzio degli insonni) and the award winning novella Il pittore di parole (Fara, Painter of words) about the living experience of a young Italian poet in Stockholm sharing an apartment with a friend.

He is a lover of Progrsssive Rock and as a bass player he has collaborated with a number of bands and pop singers, including Mezzafemmina. He has also created the Marco Fratta Reading Project, consisting of readings on bass accompaniment.

Marco is writing a new novel set in Bosnia on themes of love, war and disability and has just finished writing a screenplay, Else, on a black and white movie on social inclusion. He tells us all about it in our interview.

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