Giampiero Montanti – I am the one calling you

Giampiero Montanti’s first novel is out: Sono io che vi chiamo – ‘I am the one calling you’.

In the picturesque town of Trapani in 1955, an event unfolded that would reverberate through generations. Giorgio Mariani, a seemingly devoted husband and father, abandoned his wife and young son, Attilio, to run away with a much younger woman, Eleonora Santini, known as Nora. The scandal of Giorgio’s sudden departure and his elopement with Nora left a lasting impact, embedding a deep-seated resentment towards the lovers within the Mariani family and the local community.

Fast forward to Palermo in 2013, Nora, now an elderly woman, returns to Sicily with a mission. She seeks out Anna and Saverio, Attilio’s children, along with their friend Lucia. Nora’s purpose is to recount her version of the events that transpired in 1955, aiming to restore the truth and offer justice to all those affected by the scandal.

Nora’s narrative is raw and filled with pain, offering a stark contrast to the vilified image that has persisted for decades. As Saverio, Anna, and Lucia listen, they are compelled to reassess their own lives and the legacy of their family’s turmoil. The tale Nora weaves is not merely a defense of her actions but a revelation of interconnected destinies, challenging the listeners to see their histories in a new light and decide whether to trust her account.

The story is set against the backdrop of Sicily’s enchanting landscapes, with scenes spanning from Valderice and Trapani to the vibrant streets of Palermo. A poignant journey through the seclusion of the Monastero di Santa Caterina adds depth to the narrative, which eventually extends beyond Italy to the bustling cities of Genoa and Buenos Aires.

Giampiero Montanti – I am the one calling you

The novel masterfully navigates through different time periods, creating a vivid tapestry that blends the antiquated with the contemporary. The characters come to life on the pages, their emotional journeys revealing a series of intertwined events that form a complete, circular narrative. This intricate storytelling not only captivates the reader but also invites them to ponder the complexities of truth, memory, and forgiveness.

As Nora’s story unfolds, it becomes clear that the scandal of 1955 was more than a simple tale of betrayal and escape. It was a catalyst for a series of events that shaped the lives of the Mariani family and those around them. Through Nora’s eyes, Anna, Saverio, and Lucia discover a new perspective on their past, ultimately leading them to question the long-held animosities and decide the path forward.

Giampiero Montanti – I am the one calling you
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In this compelling exploration of generational impact and personal redemption, the novel invites readers to journey through time and across continents, all while unraveling the profound connections that bind the characters. The result is a richly layered narrative that resonates with the enduring power of storytelling and the search for truth.

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