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Giuseppe Crupi
This new adventure is the opportunity to gather all the eclectic experiences and initiatives of the Flavour of Italy Group into a magic box that is an archive of stories to remember and a stage to showcase talent and ideas.

Art Director

Monia Rossi
Pinocchio Magazine is a challenge that gives Monia the opportunity to channel her experience into a stimulating new project and to improve her skills: a way to add a visual narrative to the stories of Pinocchio Magazine through images and videos.

Operations Manager

Adela Stoichici
Her role as the Operations Manager of Pinocchio Magazine is the natural evolution of her professional growth as it allows her to support the project in every practical aspect with a new exciting twist.

Music Director

David Owens
My vision is to maintain a high standard of music within all of our planned projects, while keeping the humble roots of Pinocchio alive in everything we do.

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Our Team

Buskers for Palestine – Songs for peace

Pinocchio Magazine organized the gig Buskers for Palestine - ‘Songs for peace’, on March 10th at Whelan’s, Dublin. Five talented singers and song...
Our Team

A concert for Ukraine – Medical aid fundraising

On the 24th of February 2022, after the failure of all negotiations, Russia crossed the border into Ukrainian territories. Two years later, much inf...
Our Team

“FRIDAY” – Rockshaw debuts first single

Rockshaw, a newly formed European band, has entered the music scene with their first single, "Friday." The song is now available on all major digita...