A nice 4 piece neo trad disfunctional family

STRINGS & THINGS are a four-piece, high energy, contemporary, folk/traditional/roots band from Thurles, Tipperary, Ireland.

Coming from different musical backgrounds including trad/rock/pop/heavy rock and indie, they all played with various bands before meeting in Oct 2018 to make up the current line up. They perform a large repertoire of Irish songs, standard airs and traditional tunes produced in their own unique style. Playing around the south of Ireland Strings & Things were noticed online by Impact Promotions Ireland who invited them to perform at an original showcase platform in Co Cavan. Their performance was electric, and with the crowd loving the original material they were approached at the end of the night by Impact Promotions who were in the enviable position of being able to offer them a three-month residency at the renowned Raglan Road venue in Orlando, Florida.

This super experience and music tightness brought these four guys to a different level. They were invited to extend their residency at Raglan Road for an extra month and they thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience which resulted in them evolving into a more professional band. Back home in Ireland, the band were able to expand their gigs with Impact Promotions to perform in more counties throughout Ireland. This went extremely well for them and resulted in an invitation being received for ‘Strings & Things’ to travel to London for a mini-tour, where they then completed an amazing seven gigs in five days!

The London audience loved them and as a result, a follow-up invitation was immediately issued. In Oct 2018 they were offered a return period of one year from June 2019 to Raglan Road, Florida where they are currently living and playing. They have used this opportunity to select 12 tracks from their many original songs/tunes for their new album “The Unsolicited Dance” which they are recording and producing in Florida while out there until June 2020.

Then the virus hit, all hopes and dreams were smashed, all gigs, album launch, 3 month tour had to be cancelled. But that did not stop these hard-working lads as they continued via zoom to live stream and even released 3 singles from their upcoming album.



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