The Milky Way of the Heart

“The Milky Way of the Heart” is the mysterious title of the new project by the young Italian writer Leonardo Biagini, living in Dublin who, together with four long-time friends, published his latest book last July in the Frescoed Hall of the City Council of Pistoia, in Italy, with the patronage of the City Council.

Four different points of view on the world come together in a flow of natural Love to universally re-establish a new idea of balance, based on the different creative forces: the four elements.

Four authors who, through their compositions, identify themselves with the natural elements, Air, Water, Earth and Fire to rediscover the ancient Unity of the world: Lorenzo Calcagno, Edoardo D’Onofrio, Leonardo Biagini and the painter Walter Di Piazza, who with his drawings embellished and placed a seal on the work.

Poetry, as a common thread, ties together the words and signs of the authors who thus converge in a single plan of metamorphosis and progression.

The work is based on the poetic analysis of the original union of the four elements at the dawn of the world (when the Consciousness of it had not yet emerged), which subsequently divided and occupied different portions of our earth (both in material and allegorical sense) breaking the natural and initial union.

Through an internal metamorphosis of the various elements, the authors aim to find a new conscious union that takes into account the individuality and differences of the various parts but which rediscovers its union in diversity.

What is the purpose of the human being, by nature separated from the variety of his emotions and passions that make his soul the territory of “division”, other than to be able to find harmony within his heterogeneity? ?

The famous “permanent center of gravity” sung by the Italian master Franco Battiato for which humanity has struggled since its dawn is not a definitive and perennial balance and harmony, supported by “light” alone, but rather a new form of balance that takes into account the areas of “darkness”, achieved following the identification of a dialogue between the various parts which are extremely different but born from the same creative force.

The Project was born in a totally random way as a lucky series of coincidences between the four authors who found numerous and evident similarities in their life path with the element they then impersonated: each element expressed the character of each of the authors. For this reason the authors arrived at the joint decision to add each person’s biography at the beginning of the different poetic sequences.

Edoardo mystic, hermit and missionary thus embodies Mother Earth, dedicated for much of his life to working in the fields and volunteering in Africa, in areas devastated by poverty.

Leonardo, a young guy with a thousand of passions and experiences, embodies Fire and the spark present in it, easily found in his love for life and for the continuous creative flow by which it should be animated.

Lorenzo with his great ability to adapt to all the situations, both tragic and joyful, that have characterized his life, like water takes the shape of any “container” or circumstance that presents itself before him.

Finally, the eclectic Tuscan painter Walter Di Piazza who with his metaphysical drawings embellished the work by behaving just like Air, which encloses the entire world system in its arms and which the other three elements absolutely need ‘to survive.

The book will be translated this June 2024 by the Pistoia publisher Angelo Fragliasso of Papyrus Communication in Pistoia to be donated to the National Library in Dublin next September.


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