All Things Eve – A talent for songwriting and orange peeling

ALL THINGS EVE is a captivating singer/songwriter brought up in a small town in the west of Germany who has found her musical haven in the city and streets of Dublin, Ireland. With an enchanting blend of folk, pop and an influence of jazz, Eve weaves a tapestry of melodic storytelling that resonates deeply with her audience.

Sharing the stage with three of Dublin’s finest buskers, All Things Eve will perform the songs she’s been working on within an intimate acoustic set at ‘The Bursker’s Night’ on the 11th of June in Workman’s Cellar. The gig is organised by Pinocchio Magazine and it is the first gig of its kind.

Starting out her songwriting journey just months before the world stopped for a little while in 2020, Eve took the pandemic as an opportunity to focus on growing as an artist and musician. In 2021, she released her debut single ‘can you?’ which garnered significant attention and opened numerous doors for her career.

Her music captures the essence of her own journey, reflecting personal relationships, the difficulties as well as the bright sides of being queer, feminism and her individual coming-of-age.

As she is continuing to develop her sound and establish herself as a noteworthy artist, All Things Eve is currently in the midst of the process of working on her Debut-EP. In the second half of 2023, she’s planning her first release. This project is poised to make a lasting impact on the music industry and strives to be played to live audiences in Dublin as well as the whole of Ireland.



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