Ciara Lawless – Radio DJing, songwriting and rescuing stray kittens

Irish Radio Disc Jockey Ciara Lawless, who spins the hits on RosFM, the Roscommon local radio, is set to make her mark on the music industry with her debut single, “Half The Man,” recently released. The touching song explores the complexities of Alzheimer’s disease and the impact it has on a father-son relationship, presented through Ciara’s powerful and emotional tribute.

Influenced by a diverse range of genres, Ciara’s music blends pop, folk, and classical melodies with honest and sharp lyrical lines, all delivered with a strong undertone of masterful independence. Her unique sound has drawn comparisons to the likes of Kate Bush and Fiona Apple, which adds to the anticipation for her future releases.

Video from Ciara’s YouTube Channel: @ciaralawlessHQ
Half The Man ©2023 Music Hub Publishing/CLM Group
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Music Production: Luke Devaney, The Blue Room Recording Studio

‘Half the Man’ takes a very personal and intimate angle on the relationship of a daughter and her father with Alzheimer. The melody is unexpectedly cheerful and positive as it focuses on the beauty of the strong bond between them that brings a true appreciation of the joy they shared and a tender sense of gratitude.
Ciara’s voice alternates harmony and rapid lines to weave the lyric sense of the song and the everyday dimension of the drama.
The lyrics suggest how moments like these can give us a deeper understanding of life and a full appreciation of its beauty, this way they become inspirational opportunities of personal growth.

The song “Half the Man” was co-written by Ciara Lawless along with three other talented songwriters including the renowned Italian songwriter Angelo Iossa. They were among the 21 professional singers, songwriters, musicians, and producers who came from various countries such as Ireland, the USA, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, and Spain to attend the Galway Songwriting Camp in the last week of February 2020, just before the world was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The live music industry was one of the industries severely affected by the pandemic. Although Ciara was fortunate enough to perform “Half the Man” at the end of the songwriting camp’s final showcase gig at the Black Cat Bar, the song was unfortunately shelved. That is until now. As the world began to reopen post-Covid, Ciara was determined to see the song recorded and released, ensuring that her touching tribute to the complexities of Alzheimer’s disease and the impact it has on a father-son relationship could be shared with the world.

Ciara’s music journey began at a young age when she started taking classes in acting and singing. She later developed an interest in classical and opera, training at the Academy of Music in Tullamore, where she also competed in national and international competitions. Ciara’s passion for music has taken her around the world, attending various conferences and music shows, where she ended up performing live in Los Angeles and on Cannes in France.

She has also collaborated with top songwriters like Chris Willis, an American singer, songwriter, and producer who is best known for his collaborations with the world-renowned French house music duo David Guetta and Joachim Garraud, and Roger Ryan, an eight-time Grammy, Dove nominated, and Juno Award winning producer. Ciara’s single and album are produced by Luke Delaney, with “Half The Man” coproduced by Marian Bradfield, who performed as part of the famed Celtic Women musical collective in the late 90s.

Ciara Lawless promises to deliver an infectious new sound to the music industry, with her debut single showcasing her exceptional talents.

With her second single and full album on the horizon, she is poised to become one of the most exciting new artists of 2023 and beyond. Ciara made her debut as a music presenter of three weekly programs at RosFM Radio 94.6 in 2022, where she interviews artists and creatives from all over Ireland and the globe about their music and the industry. While some singers cut their chops while climbing the music ladder, Ciara earned her singing stripes as a funeral singer, something that she is very proud and honoured to do so.

Ciara Lawless’s debut single, “Half The Man,” is a touching song about a son’s relationship with a father who has Alzheimer’s. It is a powerful and emotional tribute to the complexities of this disease, and we believe it would resonate deeply with your audience. We invite you to give it a listen and share its uplifting message of love and family bonds.

Ciara’s second single is slated for a September release, with a full album expected early in 2024. While dealing with deep and meaningful themes, her music remains uplifting, leaving a positive impact on the listener.

“Half The Man” is out now on all streaming platforms.



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