Women of the Liberties in Art

Pinocchio Magazine is glad to present “Women of the Liberties in Art”, a community art project of the Liberties to celebrate the strong women of the Liberties which are the true soul of this area.

All the pictures were taken by Rémi Parnaud – Read here about him

This Street Photography Exhibition is in Newmarket Square and was launched on the 8th of March 2020 for the Liberties International Women’s Day Festival 2020.

Six strong women from the Liberties joined this playful project bringing to life six iconic portraits:
  • Rita Fagan as “Rosie the Riveter” by Norman Rockwell,
  • Liz O’Connor as Frida Kahlo in her “Self-portrait with necklace”,
  • Mairin Johnston as “Rosa Bonheur” by Consuelo Fold,
  • Sharon Kelleher as “Ann Devlin” by Maser,
  • Aideen Darcy as Artemisia Gentileschi in her “Self-portrait”,
  • Veronica Cahill as “Portrait of the Journalist Silvya Von Harden” by Otto Dix.

The idea is to express the vital message of these paintings whose core spirit is very current and can be fully represented by these unsung heroines who fight everyday to empower women.

It is also a way to bring art to the streets to celebrate the old masters creating a visual connection among women of all times and places.

This way Artistic Liberties wishes to transform the Liberties city walls into panels of artistic messages to promote women’s rights through the persons who best represent their strength, pride and resilience.

All the projects are community based, in particular this one was developed through different steps strengthening their connection to the Liberties.

Read more about Artistic Liberties



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