Anna Rita Mele takes her Artistic Liberties

ARTISTIC LIBERTIES is an independent non-profit art organization, composed by “an international collective” of neighbours, which aim is to use Urban Art and Community Events to create value and tourism in the Liberties quarter. The focus of their activities is centred on the design of projects that aim to improve the aesthetic perception of the public space, the development of less visited Dublin areas and education in contemporary art-forms, creating the experiences of an “open-air museum”. In order to achieve this, Artistic Liberties wants to use walls and fences as exhibition spaces by engaging local community groups & associations, local artists & creative souls, local schools and local businesses. They bring art into an urban context and present it as a new, visual form, of engaging, sensory entertainment.

In 2019 and 2020 they created 3 photographic projects and 2 festivals. 

They identified different spots in the Liberties that can be used as a platform for their Urban Art Community Projects. The experience revealed by the discovery of the city, through the urban art projects spread in the same neighbourhood, creates local tours: organized visits to discover the places of city street art which, by definition, are placed outside the usual tourist flows. 

When Artistic Liberties launches an exhibition, they create an event to gather people with different perspectives and lives to generate a conversation about where we live and what we love about it. A community grows and helps each other through these mutual exchanges. Their urban art exhibitions are all inclusive since they are on public display to encourage discussion and stimulate new ideas. The exhibitions are non-invasive, they don’t block streets, disrupt parking or public access. The message is always positive because they aim to reach a wide audience.

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