Thibaut Eiferman – Redefining the body

Thibaut Eiferman empowers the body through a constant research of movements: this way the body looses its literal physical meaning and becomes a metaphor of itself. Each move is exact and yet spontaneous as lines of a speechless profound conversation.

The symbolic value of his work is accessible and clear but also open to interpretations leaving the audience free to project their fears and dreams in between the lines of the performance.

Thibaut Eiferman creates a parallel universe of intense movements where the strong tension of the inner struggle is constantly balanced by ironic visual solutions and sensual fluidity.

The viewer is intrigued and transported to other dimensions in a constant superimposition of ordinary reality and visions of the mind following an emotional journey that leaves the audience touched and more aware.


Thibaut Eiferman continuously rediscovers the sense of dance as a free expression of the self in constant evolution.

Thibaut Eiferman

Thibaut Eiferman, a Franco-American dancer and choreographer based in Paris, received classical training at the American Ballet Theatre school in New York City. His dance journey includes collaborations with prestigious companies such as Ballet BC (Vancouver, Canada), Ate9 Dance Company (Los Angeles, US), and Batsheva Dance Company Ensemble (Tel Aviv, Israel). Currently, he works as a freelance dancer with Compagnie Christian François Ben Aïm and Oona Doherty/OD Works.

Eiferman’s debut choreographic project, HHH, earned acclaim with its original 8-minute version winning First Prize at the Machol Shalem International Choreography Competition in Jerusalem in 2018 and the Critics’ Prize at the Hannover Choreography Competition in 2019. The piece was also recognized in the Danse Élargie 2020 competition and secured the top spot on the Groupe Gestes platform in 2021 in the Paris area. The full production premiered during the 2023-2024 season at the Aura International Dance Festival in Kaunas, Lithuania, and later at the Théâtre des Bergeries in Noisy-le-sec, France, presented under his company ENTITY.

Beyond his stage performances, Eiferman collaborates with filmmakers, visual artists, photographers, and various creatives, expanding his artistic horizons. His video piece, La Fuga dei Cervelli, created in collaboration with Mathieu Mondoulet, has garnered attention at numerous dance film festivals.

In 2024, he embarks on a 5-month residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, where he will conduct research alongside painter Alice Vasseur. Additionally, Eiferman is a certified Gaga instructor, notably contributing to the dance education at the Paris Opera Ballet.

Video by Luca Truffarelli

HHH, symbolizing hand, heart, and head, is a profound exploration of body reappropriation. It unfolds as a captivating interplay between real and artificial forms, dislocation and integrity, sensuality and mechanics, and dance and visual arts. On stage, a mannequin symbolizing the societal “norm” and three dancers delve into an imaginative journey blurring the boundaries between object and person, questioning social pressures.

ENTITY, the company founded with the inception of the HHH project in 2019, remains steadfast in supporting Thibaut Eiferman’s evolution in both stage and digital realms. Situated at the crossroads of theatre, gesture, and dance, Eiferman’s work seeks to forge connections among these diverse artistic practices, employing an accessible, personal, and physically engaging dance style. The core of his artistic vision revolves around the redefinition of the body and its movements, with performances aimed at liberating the body from constraints and pursuing an “essential,” utilizing gestures and objects as tools in the service of dance.




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