Giuseppe Crupi on Drivetime – Air fryer carbonara

Giuseppe Crupi, Director of Pinocchio Cookery School, was a guest on Drivetime, the popular RTE Radio 1 show, to talk with Sarah McInerney and Cormac Ó hEadhra about the latest social media trend: air fryer carbonara. Giuseppe made it clear that this new culinary craze is pointless. Listen to the interview

Giuseppe explained that authentic carbonara is made simply with a hot pan, without any need for frying or oil. He emphasized that the traditional recipe calls for genuine ingredients like eggs, pecorino, guanciale, and pepper, and that it cooks quickly in a pan. “Using an air fryer,” he said, “is not only unnecessary but also disregards the tradition of carbonara.”

The interview, as always, was lively and entertaining, with Sarah and Cormac engaging Giuseppe in an interesting and informative conversation. Listeners had the chance to learn more about this iconic Italian dish and to reflect on how social media trends influence our eating habits. Giuseppe offered an authentic and passionate perspective, reminding everyone of the importance of preserving culinary traditions and always having fun in the kitchen.

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