Riccardo Michelucci – An Italian giant with an Irish heart

RICCARDO MICHELUCCI is a freelance journalist, essayist and translator.

He has worked for Radio Popolare Network and collaborates with Wikiradio, a programme broadcast daily on Radio Rai 3.

As a journalist he writes for some of the most important Italian newspapers. Currently he writes for AvvenireFocus and Il Venerdì di Repubblica. He has also written for Diario, which he considers ‘the best Italian weekly magazine’ as well as Il ManifestoL’UnitàD-la Repubblica delle donneCarta and Storia & Dossier.

Riccardo Michelucci’s interest in translation came almost by chance and he decided to focus on Irish writers due to his deep knowledge of Irish history and culture.He has been fascinated with the cultural richness of such a small country, which he sees as a reaction to the British oppression, emphasizing how this cultural flow continues to revitalise itself even today. Riccardo Michelucci is a fine translator of literary works that include:

  • Paul Lynch, Black Snow– Neve nera
  • Paul Lynch, Red Sky in Morning – Cielo rosso al mattino
  • Brendan Behan, Brendan Behan’s New York – Un irlandese in America. La New York di Brendan Behan
  • James Stephens, The Insurrection in Dublin – L’insurrezione di Dublino

In L’eredità di Antigone he presents the stories of different women from every corner of the world and their fight for freedom and civil rights.

Riccardo Michelucci has written a number of books focussing on the most troubled years of Irish history, delivering a lucid yet introspective analysis of the Anglo-Irish conflict and celebrating a crucial figure such as Bobby Sands, both as a political utopian idealist and as a writer and a poet.



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