Missy Brinkmeyer – A visual storyteller

MISSY BRINKMEYER is a US-born Irish and American photographer, living in Ireland. Having an Irish mother, it was a place of home even when she was living abroad. Now firmly rooted in Dublin, Missy has transformed her love of the city, people, its heart, and culture into her passion — street photography.

In her work Missy manages to combine her heartfelt curiosity about the world with elegant technical skills thus creating a perfectly balanced portrait of the streets she walks. The honest beauty of casual situations and ordinary people is the consistent narrative of her work. Missy is a visual storyteller able to encapsulate the short movies of everyday life in one expressive elegant snapshot.

With her first solo exhibition “Dublin in Black and White” in June 2023, Missy brought us the heart of the city. The show was hosted by the Central Bank of Ireland and supported by inner city arts group The Five Lamps Arts Festival.

“This exhibition of Street Photography captures how my heart beats. It embraces the changing moods and changing times, both mine and dear Dublin’s.”

Photo Museum Ireland will carry a postcard selection from the show.

Los Angeles started the excitement this year, in April and May, with the Venice Artwalk Exhibition. Next was ‘Dublin in Black and White’. On Tuesday July 4th Missy was part of a group exhibition in Paris, running until the 13th. And her sights are set on Venice, Italy for a show in October.

With contributing works going to multiple exhibitions across the globe, 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year.



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