Summer Italian Pasta Salad

Pinocchio has been a friend of Ireland AM for many years. We would like to share the recipes Giuseppe Crupi, director of the Pinocchio Italian Cookery School, prepared live on the program to show how to embrace traditional dishes.

The recipe of the day is: Summer Italian Pasta Salad.

A quick and healthy lunch option perfect for picnic, barbeques and light meal.


Serves 4 people

250 g pasta
200 g turkey breast
200 g cherry tomatoes
200 g green beans
2 potatoes
Salt to taste.

Rocket pesto:
100 g rocket
50 g pine nuts
100 g parmesan
150 g extra virgin olive oil
Salt to taste.

Courgettes pesto:
200 g courgettes
60 g parmesan
125 g extra virgin olive oil
30 g pine nuts
10 g basil
Salt to taste.

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