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SERENA MENTE is the stage name of Serana Allegrucci, it is a play on words with her name and it might mean “Serene way”, “Serene mind” but also “Serena tells lies”. She likes to leave it open to any possible interpretation as reality is always multifaceted. We can definitely say that it really reflects the happy and relaxed undercurrent that characterizes Serena’s music production.

Serena was born in Umbria in 1987. She has been performing live since she was 15 and continued ever since. Serena is not a singer, she is a parallel universe of positive energy, eclectic talent and strong determination.

Serena has a well-rounded artistic background: she trained in guitar, singing, theatre performance and dance. She graduated in Language and Literature from the University La Sapienza in Rome and in Theatre and Music from the Lim Academy.

Since 2012 she has been teaching English, singing, guitar, ukulele, piano and music with a specific focus on music teaching for kids using the ORFF method. Serena in fact believes that we can take different roads at the same time and they will eventually meet and intertwine giving you the opportunity to develop some unique special characteristics that are the core talent of this young ironic artist.

She shared the stage as a backing vocalist with important international musicians such as the incredible Renato Zero for the TV program “Amici”, but also the Flowing Chords, the VINSON JOHNSON QUARTET, Alina Chelaru aka IAMAlina and she performed at the “Oscar of the Italian Musical”.

In 2016 thanks to the Berklee College of Music of Boston she was awarded a special mention as “Outstanding Musicianship” on the prestigious stage of Umbria Jazz.

Her music career started in the whimsical world of musicals:
“Canterville” – 2012,
“Ti amo sei perfetto ora cambia” – 2014,
“Winx Music Club” – 2015,
“Canto di Natale” – 2016,

“Una storia finita bene”- 2017

She studied composition with Stefano Scatozza e Marco Spatuzzi linking pop music and musical theatre with the show “Un altro processo” (“Another trial”), by Andrea Paolotto, Marco Spatuzzi and Sunny Terranova.

She wrote all the songs of the show “Tabù” including the original tune “La Pedina Blu – Tabù”.

2019 is the year of “Ma anche no” (“Not really”), her first single which brought to the birth of the project Serena Mente.

On the 23rd of September 2019 she launched her first EP “Leggera” (“Light”), that she produced in collaboration with Elvys Damiano and the Trip In Music Recording Studio.

During the pandemic with Elvys Damiano she produced the acoustic version of her last single “Cannella e pancake” (“Cinnamon and pancake”).

Currently she collaborates with important Italian authors to produce new songs for international artists and she writes her own songs to perform live as soon as possible.

Serena is an Indie singer and that to her means “to believe in what we do and what we have to say”.

Her intriguing clean beauty shows everywhere in this multitalented young songwriter from her contagious smile, to her refreshing voice and the light-spirited mood of her songs that combine into a personal ironic new pop language able to evoke simple everyday images to freely express her volcanic mind and passionate heart.




Live @LE mura

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