Radio Irlanda Lunapark – The Italian radio program in Ireland

Launch event at the Italian Institute of Culture Dublin on Thursday 4 April 2024 at 6 pm to present Radio Irlanda Lunapark.

The event will be featuring musical performances and artistic showcases unveiling this new Italian-language radio project in Dublin.

Scheduled events include a musical performance by Simone di Addezio accompanied on violin by Tamara Musukova, a session on Graphic Design with Jessica Molesini, a musical performance by Lulu Annibali with guitarist Johnny Batista, greetings from the Com.It.Es. Ireland, and a final toast with the organizers. An opportunity to celebrate a new cultural reality in the Italian landscape in Ireland and to enjoy an evening filled with culture, music, and fun.

Radio Irlanda Lunapark is an Italian radio program broadcasted every Wednesday from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM on the frequencies of Dublin South FM 93.9 FM.

The collective behind Radio Irlanda Lunapark has a primary mission of promoting Italian culture in Ireland and Irish culture in Italy. Its goal is to provide a platform for artists, writers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and other prominent figures from both countries, offering them a space to share their stories, experiences, and perspectives. Through interviews, reviews, event presentations, and more, they aim to encourage dialogue and mutual understanding between the two communities.

Radio Irlanda Lunapark operates as a non-profit cultural association, established and developed by voluntary members with the intention of creating a free zone in Ireland for the circulation of stories and ideas. The association aims to serve as a free and eclectic stage to showcase artists, professionals, stories, and projects, while also providing entertaining and culturally enriching content.

This Italian radio program in Ireland is dedicated to promoting cultural integration between the Italian and Irish communities, bridging the gap between these two realities and offering an engaging and diverse radio experience. They strive to cultivate an inclusive radio environment where individuals from different backgrounds and nationalities feel welcome and represented. Additionally, they aim to foster cultural exchange, mutual learning, and open-mindedness among listeners from diverse backgrounds, encouraging them to share their stories and perspectives.

The mission of Radio Irlanda Lunapark is to establish a radio program that serves as a reference point for the Italian community in Ireland and contributes to cultural integration between Italians and Irish. They are committed to delivering quality, informative, and entertaining content that celebrates culture and diverse professions from various perspectives, thereby fostering a sense of unity.


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