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Blogger Sebastiano Toscano has announced “nowHere Circus”.

The event will take place on the 26th of November at Bello Bar in Dublin.

His project is split into two main parts:

“noWhere” where he asks his favourite musicians and bands to create mixtapes to share with you online! The intent is to find out more about them from a different and more intimate angle, as you would do with a recently met new friend by preparing a mixtape, as the key to access and connect to your universe.

Then there is “nowHere”!!! As the wording suggests it represents the in-person activities like the monthly appointment of the records club at The Big Romance, concerts, and team-building workshops.

After years of hard work online due to the pandemic Sebastiano decided to challenge you by organizing “nowHere Circus” a six-act event with bands that comes from different roots and music genres but with the same attitude.


Title: nowHere Circus
Where: Bello Bar – Dublin
Date: 26 Nov 2022
Doors: 19:00 – 23:45

Tickets: 10€ at

Band list/links:

Crowhammer (Dublin, IE)

Krautrock / Stoner / Outer Space Rock

Electronics / Composer

Garage Olimpo (Dublin, IE)

Post-Rock / Slowcore

Atlas Moon (Dublin, IE)

Indie Rock / Electronics / New Wave

The Velourias (Dublin, IE)

Grunge / Noise Rock

Morbific Noxae (Dublin, IE)

Electronics / Experimental / Harsh Noise


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