Maria Tecce – Ave Maria

MARIA TECCE came to Ireland 20 years ago on a wing and a prayer and $100 in her pocket.

In the ensuing years she has toured the world as an actor and singer, tread the boards in theatre, film, and television, and garnered critical praise for her work in Ireland and abroad.

“Strangely enough, I never thought I’d stay in Ireland as long as I have.  One gig led to another and all of a sudden…. It’s 20 years later.  I have such a strong support system of friends here in Ireland who are my family.  I’m incredibly blessed.”

As actor, singer, and composer she has worked with artists as diverse as Jim Sheridan, Ken Loach, Angela Lansbury, Patsy Kensit, Mia Farrow, Martin Shaw, Keith Carradine, and as a performer and presenter for The Gate Theatre, RTE Concert Orchestra, BBC, RTE, Shakespeare & Company in Boston, and Lincoln Center in New York. She has produced three music albums, two DVDs, and three international tours, performing her one-woman shows at festivals and venues in the USA, the UK, Ireland, and Europe.

10 years ago Maria began sharing her skills and experience as a performer with actors, singers, and public speakers.  When she wasn’t on tour, she was giving voice and speech workshops in The Lir Academy, Gaiety School of Acting, and to the likes of Google, Diageo, and Virgin Media.

“Being on stage is the most generous, exciting place I know.  But when I was touring my own shows I was literally performing, directing, and producing everything.  It was stressful.  And I thought, why not share my skills and experience as a performer with other people?  So I started coaching.  And I loved it.”

Since lockdown, Maria has taken her voice and speech coaching online, reaching an even wider audience with her 1-2-1 private coaching and workshops.  As a voice and speech coach Maria teaches people how to look and sound prepared, polished, and professional in their virtual and face to face communications.

It’s not just actors and singers who benefit from her coaching.  Maria has taken her skills as a performer and adapted them for the business market.  “The corporate sector is perfect for this work.  They need to show up in their meetings armed and ready to get the results they want.  I give them all the ammunition they need to achieve their goals and be amazing speakers.”

“I’ve coached top CEO’s from nervous wrecks to bright, animated, confident presenters.  I help them speak with a self-assurance and gravitas that is irresistible.  And, well…. that’s the secret sauce, isn’t it.  That’s why I do what I do.  To help people perform at their absolute best.”

Maria has Italian heritage on her Father’s side and her family is from near Avellino in Campania.  Does she ever think of moving there?

“I have always had a passionate love affair with Italy.  It’s in my blood.  I’ve performed at private parties in Italy at some extraordinary venues.  I can definitely see myself buying a villa somewhere, hosting concerts and workshops.  After all, life is about adventure.  And mine is just beginning.”


Insta Handle:  mariateccevoice

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