Luigi Farinaccio’s new album “Sotto il Mantello della Luna”

Molise’s singer-songwriter Luigi Farinaccio has just unveiled his latest album, “Sotto il Mantello della Luna” – Under the Moon’s Mantle – now available on all digital platforms. With 10 tracks that unfold like chapters of a captivating novel, this album is bound together by a subtle narrative thread: the desire for redemption, resurgence, and a fresh start. Each track is a journey through the inexhaustible richness of the self, inviting listeners to rise above challenges and embrace their dreams.

“Sotto il Mantello della Luna” is the culmination of a long artistic evolution. Farinaccio’s songs have gradually found their rightful place, with a focus on songwriting that intensified during times of restrictive historical periods. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of dreams, loneliness, love, passion, abandonment, rebirth, irony, and freedom. They also shed light on social issues such as gender violence, poverty, and the identity crisis faced by an often absent state. Urgency and the need to express frustrations of a life lived in emptiness and inner solitude, amidst an increasingly “social” yet isolated world, permeate the album.

In the realm of astronomy, the moon holds as much significance as the sun. Veiled in mystery during the darkest hours of the night, it serves as a metaphor for the subconscious impulses that drive the album’s themes.

While “Sotto il Mantello della Luna” predominantly embraces the world of pop-rock singer-songwriters, it traverses various atmospheres and influences within its 10 tracks. Electronic instrumentation adds depth, while pedal steel guitars infuse hints of country rock. Additionally, acoustic ballads provide moments of intimacy and introspection.

Physical pre-orders for “Sotto il Mantello della Luna” on CD are available via


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Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Sotto il Mantello della Luna
  2. Arriverò
  3. Cuore Curvo
  4. Oggi il Tuo Respiro
  5. Leggera
  6. Un Lampo di Follia
  7. Vita in un Cartone
  8. Un Giorno d’ottobre
  9. Music Man Blue
  10. L’Indovino


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