“FRIDAY” – Rockshaw debuts first single

Rockshaw, a newly formed European band, has entered the music scene with their first single, “Friday.” The song is now available on all major digital platforms, and the band has reached out to European radio stations to promote it. Notably, all songs, including the standout track “Friday,” were written by Bjorn, Gary and John contributed to the arrangements of the song.

Despite being together for only four months, Rockshaw is already making strides. They offer a mix of Rock and Pop music suitable for various tastes. With their debut single released, they’re eager to share more music in the future.

"FRIDAY" - Rockshaw debuts first single
The Rockshaw at Luna Park Dublin FM with our editor Giuseppe Crupi | PH Vitor Gama


Bjorn - The Rockshaw's songwriter
Bjorn – The Rockshaw’s songwriter | PH Vitor Gama

Rockshaw enjoys entertaining crowds with their energetic performances, whether it’s at gigs or parties. Their love for music drives them to continuously improve and explore new creative avenues.

The release of “Friday” signifies the beginning of Rockshaw’s musical journey, and they’re already working on new projects.

“Friday” was released on January 19th, 2024 so follow Rockshaw on their musical adventure.


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