Luciano Barletta – Making the world dance

LUCIANO BARLETTA is a young Italian DJ and producer born in 1993 in Campobasso in the little region of Molise.

Hi latest single “Ex” entered the official compilation “m2o Music Experience”.

Luciano is very popular for his Remix, Bootleg and Mash-Upthat are broadcasted by the most important Italian radio stations such as m2o, Radio Deejay and Radio 105. They are also played in the most popular Italian venues supported by famous DJs.

Luciano has been in love with dance music all his life. He started his career at 17 in the disco world thus becoming resident DJ in the most important discoes and clubs of his region. His popularity grew incredibly fast in the Italian clubbing scene from Apulia to Riviera Romagnola, to Sicily, Campania, Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise. This way he reached Switzerland where he shared the mixing console with international artists like Steve Aoki, Marnik, Gabry Ponte, Cristian Marchi, The Cube Guys and many more. During many live perforances, he opened the shows of rappers of very high calibre: Ghali, SferaEbbasta, Capoplaza, Gemitaiz, GuèPequeno, NoyzNarcos, Drefgold, Tedua just to mention a few.

On Easter 2021 he joined the great music Marathon of “La Musica Non Si Ferma” – “Music Doesn’t Stop”: the biggest Twitch channel in the world revolving around the clubbing scene and dance music.

His distinctive sound ranges from the most refined house music to the dance genre according to the mood and the situation showing an incredible set of professional skills and artistic versatility.

We would like to mention some great pieces of Luciano’s wide production:
  • the single “A Duble In Dublin” on Jackpot Records created in collaboration with PippoVenditti;
  • the official Remix of “Blow It”, the famous international hit song “Stump”, made with Matteo Botteghi for the famous Italian DJ Federico Scavo, supported and played by Bob Sinclar;
  • the international Remix of the epic hit song “Shine On” by R.I.O.;
  • the International Remix of “Loved Me Once” made for DJ Antoine;
  • the remix of “CantaCanta” – “Sing Sing” for Shorty on d-vision Records.

His last new adventure is “Luciano Barletta Radioshow”, his personal monthly radioshow entirely produced by him and broadcasted on his official Mixcloud channel and many Italian radio stations like Radio Ibiza and One Dance.



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