Laura: a young songwriter who went viral

Brought up in a small town in western Germany, Dublin based singer-songwriter Laura Ciello creates music of a delicate balance between indie-folk and pop.

Influenced by artists such as Leonard Cohen, Florence + the Machine and Lou Reed, she combines a broad range of musical inspirations.

Since her music reminds of early 2010’s indie sound, her vocal style and songwriting are often compared to the minimalistic acoustic EP’s of Daughter or the melancholy of Lana Del Rey. Laura Ciello remembers the music she was first exposed to “At age seven I could probably mumble along to every ABBA song,” she laughs, “but my first conscious interaction with music was listening to Tracy Chapman’s ‘Baby Can I Hold You’ in my mother’s car…”

Those childhood summers, watching golden fields pass by to gentle, yet vivid storytelling, a collection of 80’s CDs blaring through trebly car speakers, influenced her dreamy, nostalgic sound.

This coming-of-age songwriting captures stories of teenage years, balancing acts between head and heart, the intensity of love and loss experienced through the lens of early adulthood. In the past year, Laura Ciello has gained attention through her Springsteen cover of ‘I’m on Fire’ on Dublin’s busking channel ‘Dublin City Today’. The duet reached over 1 million views within weeks allowing her to build an early fanbase on YouTube.

Combining subtle pop electronica with warm acoustic details, her music in the making resembles such softness and sensitivity. After gaining experience as a solo performer both in Germany and Ireland through gigging and playing music on the streets of Dublin, the 20-year old songstress is ready to release her debut works in 2021.



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