Keith Burke – Narrow it down to what we need

“Narrow it down to what we need” is a future-looking song of optimism, reflecting the sentiments of the upcoming album and collection of songs of which it is a part. It’s as much about making a promise as it is appreciating current fortunes.

Recorded and mixed by Anthony Gibney in Audioland studios in Lexlip in 2022 and 2023. “Narrow it down to what we need” features Irish musicians from Keith’s Little Black Book Band along with a six piece vocal choir. It is scheduled for release on all streaming platforms on 30th June 2023, with an accompanying YouTube music video.

Keith Burke grew up in Skerries, Co. Dublin. The first two singles from his upcoming studio album, “I’ll begin this letter” and “Before you go” were well received and played on Irish National and Regional radio. He has proudly sung his songs at concerts in the USA, Germany, Lebanon, Italy, Spain and Egypt. He writes mainly about adult lives and unconventional love stories found in the ordinary.

It’s a song that was one of the last to be added to the collection, but which turned out to be a favourite of the musicians who play on the album.

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