Isaac Butler – Atmosphere

Isaac Butler is a talented Irish singer and songwriter celebrated for his poignant melodies.

He now returns with a new track titled “Atmosphere”.

Following his successful 2023 releases and the recent heartfelt tribute to his father in “Even Giants Fall”, Butler’s latest offering promises to be a soulful journey for listeners.

“Atmosphere” embodies Butler’s knack for capturing human experiences through music. Inspired by his time in California, he shares, “I wrote this when I lived in California. I was missing my friends and family, and this was the song that came about from our time apart. It is strange, but I found comfort in some way in feeling that we all share the same sky. That’s one of the main lines in the song.”

Remaining true to his style, “Atmosphere” seamlessly intertwines introspection and uplifting melodies, inviting listeners on a reflective journey.

Falling under the pop-singer-songwriter genre, the track evokes a sense of summer nostalgia.

Distributed under the Roots and Wings label, “Atmosphere” is poised to resonate with listeners worldwide.

In addition to the track release, Butler announces an upcoming live performance in London on April 18th at The Grace, promising an intimate musical experience for fans.


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