Eres!a – The pop heretic beauty of Simone’s songwriting

Simone is an urban pop storyteller able to convey the simple poetry of everyday life through his voice and his music. His lyrics are honest and thoughtful and represent the key to enter a parallel universe of love, friendship and beauty where everyone can see a piece of oneself and relate to it through a bonding that is deep and sweet at the same time.

Simone Angiolilli was born on September 3, 1999, in Isernia, a city in Italy’s Molise region. His interest in music began with a guitar course he started in 2015 and continued for about a year. He completed his studies in 2018 in Isernia, graduating as a surveyor.

In the subsequent years, he picked up the guitar again and ventured into songwriting, composing his initial pieces. On June 2, 2020, he released his first single “Amartipiùchemai” (Loving you more than ever) adopting the stage name “Eres!a”: an ‘I’ replaced by an enthusiastic exclamation mark to introduce Simone’s new eclectic persona breaking the boundaries of standard stereotypes and traditional music.

His passion for writing grew, leading to collaborations with various producers to produce additional tracks. In 2022, he came to the attention of independent label Orangle Records, and their collaboration lasted until early 2023. In June, specifically on the evening of the 21st, he performed live in his hometown.

During the same year, he decided to focus on his songwriting skills and participated in a course to enhance his knowledge. Throughout his musical journey, he experimented with genres like indie, rap, pop, and pop/punk, eventually finding a deeper affinity for the latter two.

While specific dates remain undisclosed, Simone’s upcoming projects are numerous, and he plans to continue producing music in the near future.

Simone has been able to create and develop his own style, his true voice. His constant attempt to explore, deconstruct and blend genres together allows him to tune them into a personal music language to express his inner self with the colours, the smells and the rhythm of his vagabond soul.




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