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Children living in poverty face many barriers, with one crucial disadvantage, access to education. e-ducare for youth, Irish charity, finds its mission in facilitating education to children from financially challenged families, regardless of beliefs, culture, nationality, gender, religion, a promising future through education.

Ultimately, we are on a mission: eradicating poverty through education. Education is a fundamental human right and the most efficient tool we can provide to children, so they have control over their own future when adults.

With a team of circa 70 volunteers made up by a community of professionals willing to change the world by donating their time and skills, we aim to using 100% of donations toward our projects and making possible the enrolment for 816 children between Vietnam and Tanzania and soon we will start the aftercare programme in Ireland.

The idea of e-ducare arises in 2007, as a result of the founder’s trip to Senegal (Africa). Like everyone else, he was aware of the existence of extreme poverty, but after his trip to Senegal, he was no longer able to return to his “privileged world,” showing with pride to his friends the amazing pictures he took, and the acceptance of his powerlessness in similar situations. After all, if Heads of States, United Nations, and other relevant organizations were incapable, what can we possibly do?

On the way back to Ireland he decided he must have done more, thinking that if he could help even just a few of those children, it would have been already a great achievement. It was at stake the lives and the future of children, those little ones, we adults have a collective responsibility for.

Without any doubt, that trip to Senegal, which had started in the name of a mere vacation, was turning into something more.

Through the years and many challenges and failures, the idea, become a plan, and the plan transformed into reality.

By liaising with local communities, volunteers, and other organisations, today, e-ducare is impacting children’ lives by:
  • Breaking the poverty cycle through education and providing long term economic progression in their communities.
  • Promoting a child deprivation-free world.
  • Ending discrimination: creating opportunities for a promising future, ensuring that they can realize their full potential.
  • Beingacollective game changer.

Do you want to be part of the change?
We believe that the change starts from us. Everyone should do their part. Based on your capacity you can: donate, fundraise, or volunteer. Please check our website to join us.


Pinocchio always supported E-ducare and joined its last project with an online cooking event – find it here


Website: e-ducare.org


Website: e-ducare.org
Gofundme: HERE
Give.Asia: HERE

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