Cookery team buildings at Pinocchio are not just about food

In Dublin team cooking at PINOCCHIO ITALIAN COOKERY SCHOOL are becoming a popular activity to strengthen relationship among people while having fun and are more and more choosen by multinational companies. Everybody is raving about them.

“The Flavour of Italy Cookery School understands the power of people cooking together, to develop positive human relations and a team spirit.” – Alison McEvoy, Positive Life

Cookery Events represent a perfect solution to celebrate corporate and private events with collegues or friends.
They are not cookery demonstrations but hands-on cooking experiences that work as a perfect icebreaker bringing people together and making them smile. Enjoy then the rewarding pleasure of the meal you cooked paired with a good Italian wine.

Bring your group for an extraordinary experience and just enjoy!

More info here:
Pinocchio Italian Cookery School

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