Nathan Mac is a songwriter, content to be slightly forlorn…


From a history of circus to his latest string of singles, NATHAN’s flair for the spectacular is deeply rooted in an absolute love for performance!

Born and raised in the ‘Chandelier Sessions’ of Swords, Co.Dublin, this local open mic night would go on to introduce Nathan to Ireland’s top artists such as Kodaline, Gavin James, and many, many others. Being in direct comparison with musical giants such as these has set Nathan’s sights as high as they can go… to international acclaim and sustained success!

For a long time Nathan was torn between two worlds: Circus and Songwriting…. Until one day he injured himself training for an acrobatic performance. It was at this pivotal moment that he chose a life of music with the circus still running through his veins. Nathan’s love for these two worlds has collided in his musical film projects, and his sold out, 2019 live show: ‘The Boy Who Learned To Fly’. These two concerts filled the Smock Alley theatre with laughter, tears, and beautiful circus talent… all to the beat of his original music.

It was then, in the dawn of 2020 that Nathan found his spirit animal: Brian Dwyer. As a producer of amazing talent, the two artists connected instantly and shot their first single into the world like a cannonball! ‘Better Off Without You’, released in March has just broken 80k streams on Spotify alone and is the first release of Nathan’s debut album.

The ‘Start of Something Blue’ is a collection of singles, artworks, videos, and performances. In the true nature of the Circus, Nathan has collected a multitude of musicians, painters, photographers, Circus artists, etc, with his gravitational pull. Using 2020 as a launchpad, he is going to fly through 2021 with a new single release every other month, and a volley of content for fans to enjoy!

“I try to make time to write… lately I spend a lot of time thinking carefully about the words I write. Music has a hypnotic effect on people, and the philosophies in those songs find their way into people’s lives. That’s a whole lot of responsibility, and it keeps me in check. I stand by my lyrics, and I treat them carefully. I think they can be something for someone, and who doesn’t want to make something for someone?”

Be sure to ‘follow’ Nathan Mac on your favourite platforms, and definitely have a peek at his ‘Artist’s Journal’ for a behind the eyes look into his life as a musician.

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