Nathan Mac – Building a community

NATHAN MAC is back to visit us at Pinocchio Magazine to tell us about his next new project: he is joining Patreon.

The world of every musician has flipped upside down. The days of record sales are over, and new ideas are needed to keep their music alive! In the year 2021, musicians are earning money in more ways than ever before… through digital concerts, NFT’s, and exclusive content, to name a few. Since the pandemic swept the globe, musicians are increasingly relying on these new ways to support their careers. Today we talk about a subscription platform known as Patreon.

Patreon is a service that allows fans to provide monthly financial support to their favorite content creator. In exchange, supporters, or “patrons,” may receive certain perks, such as exclusive uploads, early access to new work, ad-free content, and the ability to give suggestions. Many creators on Youtube also include the names of their patrons at the end of their videos.

The site also has social media integration, so you can quickly find out if any creators that you follow on YouTube or Twitter have a Patreon.

Instead of charging a monthly fee, creators may also charge per completed work, such as for every video or podcast episode. This is common among creators that do not upload monthly.

Using Patreon, artists and creators of all kinds can connect directly to their fans, and the fans can directly support their favourite artists. So you can find a musician, a circus artist, an illustrator, or any other kind of creator that you love, and support them with a monthly donation. In return, these artists share special work with you, and invite you into an exclusive community.

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