Insight Matters

INSIGHT MATTERS is a family owned counselling, psychotherapy and wellness centre in the heart of Dublin City Centre.

It focuses on wellness, healing, treatment, natural, holistic and alternative therapies and it supports (through face to face and online appointments) children, adolescents and adults through a wide range of

Mental health services, giving the possibility to explore thoughts, feelings and behaviours that may be causing emotional and physical distress (depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, sexuality, gender identity, migrant mental health, relationship issues, sexual difficulties, stress management, addiction, eating distress, obsessive compulsive disorder, fears and phobia, trauma and abuse, bullying and harassment, anger management, loss and bereavement, suicide and self harm, fertility matters, birth trauma) and discover new healthier ways of moving forward in life. All therapies are carried out in a confidential, safe and non-judgemental space.

-Holistic health services (wellness methodology that intends to treat a patient’s body, spirit and mind, rather than simply address a specific condition or illness), providing a number of natural and alternative therapies including chiropractic treatments, holistic massage, homeopathy, naturopathy, reiki and pregnancy specific services.

Insight Matters was founded by social entrepreneurs and since its inception it has been a social enterprise (a business created to further a social purpose in a financially sustainable way), providing mental health support services to suit all budgets and working with a team of practitioners skilled to welcome and work with all the rich diversity of human behaviours.

Insight Matters was created to address the lack of inclusive mental health services in Ireland. Diverse sexualities, gender identities, ethnicities, cultures and life experiences are rarely accommodated in a therapeutic space mainly because of lack of awareness.




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