Dylan Harcourt – Voice, guitar and unresearched tattoos

DYLAN HARCOURT is a 23 year old musician primarily based in Dublin with his second city being Berlin, Germany. He left school at 17 to pursue music without ever touching an instrument or writing a song which is (in his own words, not ours) “the dumbest thing anyone has ever heard and/or done but absolutely worth it”.

I started busking as a way to practice every day without annoying people in my house. I didn’t make much money at all in the beginning, to be fair, I was terrible and I knew it. It’s just a little funny looking back and remembering how I thought I could never live off income made through music”.

But Harcourt has been playing music full-time now for just under three years and has had some success along the way. He has released a debut EP, played Electric Picnic and started building a fan base. He has managed to play somewhere in the ball park of 10 cities and has his sights set on more.

Busking has been great for getting around and sustaining yourself as you go”.

Dylan is a songwriter and has a deep love for the trade and the release of creativity that comes with it but it hasn’t come without its challenges:

I went through a long phase of not being able to write.” He reflects “That was awful, it was on my mind every day for a year. Deep panic started setting in around 8 months after my last song. I started mopping around and questioning ‘Am I going to be the type of guy who has written a couple songs and that’s it?’ It was a bit of an identity issue but looking back I just had nothing to say. I think that’s important in any art form, having something to say and I think people can sense when you don’t and they don’t like it”.

Things started to turn around for Harcourt in summer last year when he had finally written his first song in a year which he compared to striking oil “one came and the rest just poured out of me“.

Dylan is currently making demos and writing before he heads in to a studio this year to record. He is excited about his work and says he is writing his best music so far.

I’m cautiously excited for this year. I feel I’m making the best music I can make right now and excited to see how that standard shifts throughout the year. I’d also love to get even one great gig in by the end of 2021. I miss audiences and I have a lot to share with them now it would be good to get people in a room but we’ll have to wait and see”.

If you want to keep up with Dylan Harcourt follow him on Spotify, SoundCloud or on Instagram @dylanharcourtmusic.

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