Anamaría Crowe Serrano: Bright Words in the Dark

ANAMARÍA CROWE SERRANO is one of those gifted authors who move comfortably across cultures and languages. She is an Irish poet, novelist and translator who was born in Ireland to a Spanish mother and an Irish father and grew up speaking English and Spanish. After studying French and Spanish at Trinity College, she pursued an M.A. in Translation Studies at DCU.

Anamaría is the author of about 20 books. Her poetry includes Crunch (Turas Press, 2018), an original take on temptation and Adam and Eve’s apple, OnWords and UpWords (Shearsman, 2016), and Femispheres (Shearsman, 2008), as well as poems anthologised in a number of magazines. Some of her translations have received international awards.

She also teaches Spanish to wonderful teenagers who give her much hope for the future.

Immersing herself in other cultures has always been fascinating to her. As Anamaría herself puts it, maybe this explains why she writes, entering the world of the imagination, but also connecting deeply with moments of life. This is one of the reasons that she keeps trying to learn other languages and is fluent in several, including Italian. Danish is the latest endeavour, with the added thrill of pursuing Viking and Old Norse influences in Ireland and the English language.

“In The Dark” is her first published novel. It is set in Franco’s Spain at the time of the Spanish Civil war and of the Battle of Teruel, which took place in 1937 during one very cold winter in Spain and marked one of the bloodiest moments in the entire conflict. Partly inspired by Anamaría’s own family history, it tells the story of two sisters who are struggling over different political views. It is published by Turas Press, an independent, Dublin-based publisher founded in 2017 and dedicated to bringing contemporary poetry and literary fiction to Irish and international readers.


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