Ring the bell and make a wish

DAVID wrote “Wish” four years ago while travelling in Sri Lanka. With one of his friends Lakshika he climbed a mountain called “Adam’s Peak”, which each major religion claims as their own, and he found it to be a strangely spiritual experience.

Generally people climb “Adam’s Peak” at about 3am so that you reach the peak at sunrise. For this reason they had to stay in a little guest house the night before. The owner of the guest house told them how there is a bell on the summit, and if you ring it and make a wish, it will come true. He wished for love, and met his wife soon after. It led David to thinking about God, about love, and of course, about making wishes.

He recorded this song with his friend Joh Lowmax for his album “Old Moon”, but they both felt it wasn’t quite ready yet at the time. So, last year they (remotely) re-recorded it, and now the feel it’s ready to put out into the world.

The song comes out on all usual platforms on Monday January 18th, but you can pre-save it now here: https://smarturl.it/g8vs63

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