Kozak deMars – The art of executing plans

Based in Dublin, Ireland, KOZAK (also known as David) has been an active member of the Irish music scene. Through organising various music events, hosting interviews, and creating unique music projects, he has developed a connection with many amazing artists in the industry. He is the owner of his own Media & Entertainment business, deMars Entertainment and is always striving in creating new and progressive ideas.

Known for promoting local and independent artists during the lockdown, he has created Ireland’s first online music festival (Transmission Festival) and is constantly improving himself for the betterment of the community.

He plans to venture further into songwriting and has begun working on his second single release.

Kozak is the manager and drummer for David Bowie Tribute band “Heroes From Mars”.

He created and plays synthesizer for Grand Theft Auto Soundtrack project “Grand Theft Audio”.

He is the creator and the Presenter for Rockstar Karaoke – A Live band Karaoke Project, and was the creator and host of a popular variety Show “Crystal Skull Sessions” which was based in Sine.

Shine your light

“Shine Your Light” has turned 1-year-old last Saturday and for its anniversary Kozak has created an inspirational music video to accompany it.

“The song is a message of hope and a sign of light at the end of a dark tunnel.”

The song was written by Kozak and produced by his good friend Nicolas Kluzek. They both worked on the instrumentation slowly over the course of a few months and finally landed on the sound and vibe they wanted.


David Bowie Band: https://www.facebook.com/heroesfrommarsofficial

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