Cell Games – A cosmic mix of nu metal and metalcore

CELL GAMES are a product of turn of the century sounds meeting 2020 circumstances.

Vocalist Maximillion Foy and guitarist Tristan Carroll first played together as part of a “Fenix Park” – a tribute act which commemorated the late Linkin Park frontman, Chester Bennington. Held on consecutive years in the hallowed Dublin metal altar “Fibber McGee’s”, these shows drew big crowds and widespread acclaim for the groups passionate and energetic interpretations of classic nu-metal hits.

Realising that metal fans still felt a heart-felt connection with the sort of music they grew up with, the pair decided to collaborate on original material and flesh out “Cell Games” as a fully functioning nu-metal band.

While searching for musicians to complete their line up, the pandemic hit and threw all and any plans for a loop. Undaunted, Foy and Carroll took advantage of this time to really focus on their concepts and write a strong collection of songs – including their first single, Lament Configuration.

With some strong reviews under their belt, Cell Games now look to up the ante with their ambitious new single “Relics”.

About Relics

“Relics” is a sonic juggernaut which lands like the fist of a heavyweight fighter. Brutal riffs intermingle with aggressive gang vocals before opening up into an epic refrain that is sure to have the metal masses singing as one. With influences ranging from Disturbed and Deftones, to Fear Factory and Killswitch Engage, this blistering track is a real feast for the Metal Masses.

“It’s a cosmic mix of the nu metal of the 00s combined with the metalcore of the 10s, but with modern touches. It’s nostalgic but it knows that it is. It’s a little bit Linkin Park. It’s definitely a little bit Bring Me The Horizon. It’s kind of a… cosmic gumbo. It almost moves to the beat of industrial metal.” – Tristan Carroll (Guitars, Bass, Programming)

Lyrically the song deals with the idealistic challenges existing in the modern world, and how people are separated over a wide range of topics. The central message is that we need to stop and find a way to co-exist, by both accepting our own fallibility, and by taking the time to educate ourselves to what is really happening around us. For the greater good we must learn to co-exist.

“The song is about seeing all the crazy stuff going on in the world at the moment and trying to react to it in a pure way and maintaining your humanity, even though there is a good chance you might get damaged by the experience. I was very inspired by both the anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, and this theory called “The Hedgehog’s Dilemma”. Two hedgehogs need to get close to each other on a freezing night so they don’t die from the cold, but their sharp spines keep them from getting together without hurting each other. The dilemma is “do I freeze to death or risk death from the needles?”. I think the answer is that if we each know ourselves and our limitations – and if we stop and think for a second – we can find a solution. Doing nothing, and charging in head first, are equally as lethal.” – Maximilion Foy (Vocals).


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