Adam Nolan – Dreamin

ADAM NOLAN’s Upcoming Debut Single ‘DREAMIN’ will be released on the 24th of February 2023! Known as one of the riskiest and authentic free jazz musicians on the scene gaining recognition and critically acclaimed reviews from all over the globe for his saxophone abilities, it was after his last extreme down the rabbit hole free jazz album ‘Gods Planet’ which he fell into a depression after that he decided it was time to get the pop music he has been writing out to the world and he has lots of it!

The song begins with his falsetto style voice questioning himself and the world – “Am I too old to be dreamin?”

This is over some hopeful almost gospel-like piano chords with an ambient vibe which then follows into the first verse where Adam switches into his Rap voice demonstrating word play, abstract flow and motivational lyrics encouraging the listeners to follow their dreams and live the best possible life they can. Empathy and will power like a personal coach would, is displayed with multi leveled meanings behind the lyrics to evoke thought processes which give the listener everlasting room for reflection about the song and how it could be a catalyst for their own dreams.

Seeking originality yet accessibility and authenticity the song leads into its first chorus which is driven by the fluid electric jazz bass lines and breakbeat drums with the energy and creativity of a jazz drummer. Soft pads underneath the piano and 80’s electric keyboards help give the eternal atmosphere behind the catchy lyrics which are now accompanied by the lower voice as opposed to the beginning of the song. The chorus finished with some fun raw rock style drum fills that give the listener that little push to go for their goals and the vibraphone lines demonstrate the childlike positive innocence in every human.

The next verse goes into some more interesting points about the stresses of the fast paced moving world we live in today while going back between moments of connection between love and nostalgia. References to different famous people and characters like Indiana Jones and determined confidence but with also a gratitude for allowing these experiences to happen for the higher powers. Spirituality, philosophy, quantum physics, science and consciousness references are obvious along with the struggle of an artist getting by from living at home. References to funky jazz, hip hop and 90’s RnB are also displayed.

The song is about the artist’s journey of back and forward questions, hopes and dreams of following the heart both in career, love and life. Doing your best in life and striving for what you feel is your purpose. Influences include Empire of the Sun, David Gray, The Fray, Coldplay, Of Monsters and Men, MF Doom, The Streets, Ed Sheeran and Cindy Lauper.

All the music was written/recorded/performed/mixed and mastered by Adam Nolan and he recently finished a mixing and mastering course which has helped him become more independent in his pop productions.




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