Giuseppe Crupi

Editor of Pinocchio Magazine

Born in 1976 in Crotone in the Italian region of Calabria, he moved to Dublin in 2000 as an engineer.

After a few years of research in Trinity College Dublin, he managed a language school and translation company where he taught Italian and looked after translations in Italian, English, Spanish and French.

In 2010 he became the Director of Pinocchio Cookery School. In his role as Director he is the host of the popular cookery team building events. As a regular on the morning program ‘Ireland AM’, over the years he has been teaching the Irish audience how to prepare traditional Italian dishes.

This new adventure is the opportunity to gather all the eclectic experiences and initiatives of the Flavour of Italy Group into a magic box that is an archive of stories to remember and a stage to showcase talent and ideas.

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Giuseppe Crupi our Editor

Giampiero Montanti – I am the one calling you

Giampiero Montanti’s first novel is out: Sono io che vi chiamo - ‘I am the one calling you’. In the picturesque town of Trapani in 1955, an event...
Giuseppe Crupi our Editor

Courgettes “Frittelle” for your Summer aperitif

Pinocchio has been a friend of Ireland AM for many years. We would like to share the recipes Giuseppe Crupi, director of the Pinocchio Italian Cooke...
Giuseppe Crupi our Editor

Roberto Colella – Villages of Reading

The concept of cultural tourism has taken on a new dimension with the emergence of the network of "Borghi della lettura" - Villages of Reading, born...